Our Clients

Below is a small selection of our customers with their phone numbers for your convenience. Any one of them would be happy to tell you about our services, our work ethic and be able to answer all of our questions.

Client Phone Number Service(s)
Hyland and Beth Johns (215) 947-2238 Pruning, trimming, planting, and yard clean-up (fall and spring)
Steve Gold (850) 322-2910 Complete lawn service, planting, leaf clean-up and brush removal
Barbara Bevan (215) 914-1617 Complete lawn service, and leaf clean-up
Cairn Coy (215) 947-1466 Complete lawn service
Peter Boericke (215) 947-6289 Complete lawn service
Andrew Glover (215) 947-9966 Complete lawn service
Barbara Packer (215) 947-1610 Complete lawn service
Mrs. Mark (Bunty) Bostock (215) 947-0991 Complete lawn service and hedge trimming