Here is an overview of our main services. However, we don't stop here. We will consider all landscaping jobs! Call us for questions, comments or a free estimate!

    Lawn mowing and Maintenance: This will include a weekly (or another scheduled time) grass cut with edging along the curb, all garden beds, paths, driveway and any other needed areas (bagging optional). All areas where the mower cannot reach will be neatly trimmed. The yard will be completely cleaned of all trash, sticks and debris and all paths, walkways, driveways, decks, etc. will be blown off for a clean finish.

  • Weeding: Weeding in all gardens to give your landscape a much tidier appearance.
  • Hedging and Trimming: Trimming of all bushes on the premises. We can hedge and shape bushes, prune and cut back, or just slightly trim bushes or plants.
  • Mulching and Edging: Nothing looks better than sharp garden edges with a fresh layer of 1½ inch mulch. We can provide the mulch, edge all of your gardens and mulch your entire property for a one-time fee or make it a recurring service—whichever fits you best.
  • Brush Removal: Frazier Landscapers will haul away any brush (piles of sticks, mulch, logs, etc.) and completely remove them from your property.
  • Spring and fall clean-up: Clean-up of all debris (leaves, sticks, trash, etc.) on the yard for a fresh start to the season, end of year clean-up or any time in between. Frazier Landscapers will leave your lawn looking professional
  • Plowing: Complete snow removal on the driveway(s) and walkway(s) with a salt spreading. This service is set up for us to come whenever it snows.